Question: Why Do Farmers Live So Long?

58.3 years

Why do farmers live longer?

Conversely, mortality rate due to traffic accidents are higher, though the total deaths is not so large. Clarifying the mechanism of why farmers live longer, whether it is because of their exercise habits, their diet, or psychological stress, is an important direction for future research.

What is the average lifespan of a farmer?

This census, which is published every five years, shows that during the last 30 years, the average age of U.S. farmers has grown by nearly eight years, from 50.5 years to 58.3 years.

Does gardening make you live longer?

“If you garden, you’re getting some low-intensity physical activity most days, and you tend to work routinely,” says Buettner. He says there is evidence that gardeners live longer and are less stressed. A variety of studies confirm this, pointing to both the physical and mental health benefits of gardening.

Do hard workers live longer?

You’ll Live Longer. Taking it easy isn’t the key to a long life, according to new research. Instead, it’s the hard-working, prudent types who live the longest. Marriage lengthens life for men, but makes little difference for women, and social ties are longevity boosters for both genders.