Quick Answer: Where Is The Most Fertile Land In The World?

Ukraine is one of the most fertile countries thanks to the chornozem which are full of humus ranging from one foot to five feet thick.

Though the chornozem is the most fertile, the other soils are also fertile and arable thus explaining the country’s crop diversity.

Which country has the most fertile land in the world?

Agriculture > Arable land > % of land area: Countries Compared

1Bangladesh61.11% of land area
2Moldova56.22% of land area
3Ukraine56.01% of land area
4India53.7% of land area

124 more rows

Where is the most fertile soil found?

Found in Ukraine, parts of Russia and the USA. Some of the world’s most fertile soil, including the black soils with high organic content. Oxisols – 7.5% of the world’s ice-free land. Found in the world’s tropical rainforests, including the Amazon and in Africa.

What country has the most farmland?

Agriculture > Arable land > Hectares: Countries Compared

1United States174.45 million hectares
2India159.65 million hectares
3Russia121.78 million hectares
4China103.4 million hectares

124 more rows

Which state has most fertile land in India?

In terms of agricultural contribution, some of the most developed states in India are:

  • Punjab.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Madhya Pradesh.
  • Haryana.
  • Bihar.
  • Andhra Pradesh.
  • Maharashtra.
  • West Bengal.