Question: What Pokemon Is Super Effective Against Dragonite?

What is snorlax weakness?


Why was the dragonite so big?

Because the anime portrays the Pokedex sizes as only their default species sizes, that they naturally grow bigger.

Is dragonite the strongest Pokemon?

No Dragonite isn’t the strongest Pokémon, but still worth catching it. Being a water-type Pokémon, Dragonites are generally found around the beaches, seas, lakes, and many other water places.

Is dragonite stronger than Charizard?

Dragonite is stronger than Charizard. Because his body is Strong and big and due to higher stats than Charizard, But he may not flying faster and less wing defense compare to Charizard because his wings is short.

Who is stronger dragonite or salamence?

First, Dragonite’s strength lies in its Physical Attack stat, and early on in Pokemon all Dragon type moves were special attacks. … Salamence has (even though it is only by 1 point) a higher Physical Attack stat and a higher Special Attack stat. Salamence also sits in a much better Speed tier than Dragonite.

What is Dragonair weak against?


Is dragonite a legendary Pokemon?

Dragonite (Japanese: カイリュー Kairyu) is a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Dragonair starting at level 55. It is the final form of Dratini.

What is Gardevoir weak to?


Is dragonite a good Pokemon?

Dragonite is one of the most useful and versatile Pokémon in the game because of its legendary-tier Attack stat and decent bulk. Dragon type attacks are only super effective against other Dragon types. … Like many other top tier Pokemon, the entire Dragonite family is considered super rare.

Is dragonite weak to electric?

dragonite is a dragon and flying type Pokémon. dragon type pokémons but weak against ice, fairy pokémons. flying type pokémons are strong against grass, fighting, bug pokémons but weak against electric, rock pokémons.

What is Dragonites weakness?


Can Charizard beat Mewtwo?

No, Mega Charizard is not capable of defeating Mewtwo, this is what I feel, rest you never, a few good moves, and legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is down and out. Want to catch Mewtwo, then you’ve to be some of the weirdest locations across the globe.

What is super effective against Dragonair?

To defeat Dragonair in Pokemon Go you must take advantage of its Type Weakness(es). Being a Dragon Type, Dragonair is vulnerable against Fairy, Dragon and Ice Type Moves.

Who can defeat Dragonite?

Ice-type attacks are the best when dealing with Dragonite as they are a double super effective. A pokemon with Ice beam or Blizzard could quickly turn the battle in your favor.