Question: Is There VAT On Funeral Flowers?

In general, the following services are exempt from VAT: the disposal of the remains of dead people.

the making of arrangements for or in connection with the disposal of the remains of dead people.

the services of one undertaker to another in connection with a specific funeral.

Can funeral directors reclaim VAT?

Funeral directors and VAT

Businesses whose activities consist only of exempt supplies cannot register for VAT and cannot recover any VAT on purchases of goods and services to be used in making those exempt supplies.

Is VAT payable on plants?

The zero rate of VAT applies to plants (including live plants), trees (including live trees), bulbs, roots and seeds used for growing food. However, where the value of the pot is 20% or greater than the tax exclusive price of the plant and the pot, its supply becomes taxable at the standard rate.

Do flowers attract VAT?

Under current tax law, food plants and seeds attract no VAT but ornamental plants and seeds are classified as standard-rated items, attracting VAT at 17.5 per cent.

Do you pay tax on funerals?

According to Internal Revenue Service guidelines, funeral expenses are not deductible on any individual tax return, including the decedent’s final return. If the IRS requires the decedent’s estate to file an estate tax return, the estate’s representative may be able to include funeral expenses as a deduction.