Quick Answer: How Much Is A License In Louisiana?


$32.25 – the basic license fee until age 69 b.

$18.75 – the license fee for applicants age 70 and older c.

$6.00 – service fee may be accessed at certain field offices.

How do I get a Louisiana driver’s license?

Plan of Action:

  • Visit your local Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Use the map to choose the one near you.
  • Provide the following documents: your current driver’s license or another legal document to establish your identity and legal residency.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Pay the fee of $32.25+ $15.00 late fee if applicable.

How much is a driver’s license for the first time?

Driver License Fees

Driver License / Identification ServiceFee
Learner Permit$20
Knowledge Test$10
Non-Driver ID Card (First-Time and Renewal)$20/8 years
Non-Driver ID Card for Seniors (65 years and older)Free of Charge/8 years

15 more rows

How much does the new license cost?

Driver License/Identification Card Application Fees

License ClassYour application is for a(n)The fee is
Class COriginal Renewal Adding a motorcycle license (Class M1/M2)$36
Duplicate Name change Adding a firefighter endorsement$28
Driving (behind-the-wheel) retest$7
Class M1/M2Original Renewal$36

26 more rows

How much does a CDL cost?

Generally, trucking school costs between $3,000 and $7,000 for the entire program. Much depends on whether you want a class A or a class B CDL license and which endorsements you want to earn. The more time you have to spend training to earn your chosen license, the more you should plan on spending on tuition.