Question: How Much Does Proflowers Charge To Deliver?

For a company which stresses “fresh from the fields”, trucking flowers around the country sounds exactly like how we get our flowers.

As an aside, for our test order, Proflowers’ delivery fee was $9.99.

Our delivery fee is $4.95 or $6.95, depending on where it’s going.

How much does it cost to get flowers delivered?

Florist Price Comparisons

Price Shown on Flower ArrangementLocal Delivery Charge
Your Local Florist$50$5$55included in price of flowers$55included in price of flowers$55included in price of flowers

6 more rows

Does ProFlowers have free shipping?

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How are ProFlowers delivered?

In order to guarantee the freshness of our products, our flowers are shipped fresh from the growers to your doorstep. Some selections, like potted plants and wreaths, are shipped via 2Day. Wrapped in cellophane, our flowers are shipped in a specially designed gift box to ensure freshness during delivery.

How much is delivery for 1800 Flowers?

So is the consumer really getting ‘free delivery’ and what does 1-800-Flowers tell their florist BloomNet members about how they are paid for local delivery charges? The membership agreement states ‘All prices ( products) include up to $7.99 charge for delivery’.