How Much Does A Botanist Make?

Do botanists make good money?

Depending on where they work and what they research, botanists can make $33,000 to $103,000 per year.

Most botanists average $60,000 per year.

If you want to explore a scientific career as a botanist, find your botanical niche and go wild.

Where can I work as a botanist?

Others are employed as teachers at colleges, universities, and secondary schools. Some work primarily indoors in laboratories and offices. Others botanists, such as those who work in remediation or agriculture, spend much of their time working outside. They may work in cities, near farms, or at wilderness areas.

What can you do with a degree in botany?

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany

  • Academic Journal Assistant Editor.
  • Airport Wildlife Biologist.
  • Aquatic Biologist.
  • Biologist — Department of the Army.
  • Environmental Quality Analyst.
  • Farm Manager/Educator.
  • Fish and Wildlife Technician.
  • Laboratory Technician.

Are botanists in demand?

The need for botanists and those trained in botany will continue to grow in the future. The headline of a recent news article from the journal Nature was, “U.S. universities find that demand for botanists exceeds supply.” Businesses, industry, and research centers are also looking for botanists.