How Do You Pick A Bouquet Of Flowers?

Does your bouquet have to match your wedding colors?

When picking your bouquet, they don’t have to exactly match your color scheme either.

They can complement it.

You can use accent colors that match other parts of your wedding décor, including the favors or even the wedding invitations.

How many flowers do you need for a bridal bouquet?

As a guideline, you need 10 stems of wedding flowers for a small bouquet, 18-20 stems for medium, and 25-30 stems for large.

Should the bride bouquet match the bridesmaids?

The bride’s bouquet matches the bridesmaid’s dresses and the bridesmaids dresses are an ivory colour that complements her wedding dress. The bridesmaid’s bouquets are more loosely put together, unlike the brides, and we love this contrast.

How much does a simple bridal bouquet cost?

As of the date this blog was written, at, a lovely fresh wedding flower bouquet ranges from about $70 to $500 dollars. Fresh wedding flower boutonnieres will cost you about $25 and the price for a fresh wedding corsage ranges between $25 and $65.