Quick Answer: Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Have A Money Center?

Please note that Walmart Neighborhood Market Money Centers (located at customer service) are only open certain hours, which vary by location, and may not be open during the same hours that the Walmart Neighborhood Market is open.

Does the neighborhood Walmart have a money center?

The Walmart Money Center is an in-store and online alternative to a bank. You can find prepaid debit cards, credit cards, money transfers and cash services. All Walmart stores offer these services, even if they don’t have a designated center.

Can you cash checks at Walmart Neighborhood Market?

We can cash checks and money orders in any amount up to and including $5000. Cashing your check at your local Walmart is affordable, with fees based on the amount of the check: For checks up to and including $1000: $3.00. For checks over $1000 up to and including $5000: $6.00.

How do I pick up money from Walmart?

How to Start a Money Transfer from the Walmart App

  • Download the Walmart App and log in or create a Walmart.com account.
  • Select Services then Money Services from the main page of the Walmart App.
  • Choose to Send, Receive, or Pay Bill.
  • Enter details.
  • Go to local store to complete the transaction.

What type of checks does Walmart cash?

You may only cash two-party personal checks up to $200. You can cash pre-printed payroll, government, tax, cashiers, 401(k) distribution, and insurance settlement checks. Walmart charges a flat fee for checks up to $1,000.