Quick Answer: Do Uber Drivers Deliver Packages?

Uber is tapping into its massive driver network to deliver packages in addition to passengers.

The company is officially launching a same-day delivery service, called UberRush, after testing it out in New York City.

Goods on offer will include food (with Delivery.com and ChowNow as partners), flowers, and clothing.

Can Uber deliver items?

Messengers will deliver any product that a “normal human can carry.” They will be able to refuse service due to the size/value/fragility/illegal nature of a given product. Uber will cover lost or damaged items up to $250. Just like with normal Uber, you can follow your delivery and share an ETA with the recipient.

How does uber package delivery work?

When a delivery job is powered by Uber, Uber uses the same pool of labor across all products. When an order is placed through UberEATS, partner restaurants pay Uber ~30% of the order value for “marketing their food”. However, UberRUSH was a delivery-only product for on-demand package and parcel transportation.

Can I use LYFT to deliver a package?

Lyft does not currently have a delivery service so in short, no, your Lyft driver will not be able to deliver a package to you. However, sometimes, riders have gotten away with requesting a ride and then calling the driver to explain that instead of riding as a passenger they would like to transport something.

Will an Uber driver pick up food?

UberEATS will utilize Uber’s network of drivers while out waiting for potential customers. The drivers, will pick up pre-orders as they wait for passengers. Essentially, there won’t be a smorgasbord of items to salivate over, but it is more likely that participating restaurants will have a small menu, updated daily.